Willow Tree now offers Primary Naturopathic Care

Introducing Juniper Martin, ND ! We are delighted to have Dr. Martin join our team of health practitioners offering your family the best of integrative medical care by bridging Eastern and Western Medicine.

Like many naturopathic physicians, Dr. Juniper Martin became a devotee of naturopathic medicine as she watched natural medicine heal a close family member. When her mother developed metastatic breast cancer, Dr. Martin accompanied and supported her as she immersed herself in macrobiotic nutrition, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Thai massage and tai chi. Dr. Martin’s mother healed and still graces her life today, while others in her cancer support group passed away one by one. “The experience was transformative for me,” she says. “So many times I saw people avoid natural choices, saying ‘my doctor won’t let me’, and so many passed away from the complications of chemo and radiation.”

Previously a theater major, Dr. Martin switched to the study of botany in order to become an herbalist. While studying botany, she gave birth to her daughter with the aid of a midwife who was also a naturopathic physician. She realized that a naturopathic medical practice would allow her to educate people to make healthy choices in all areas of their life, preventing the health issues that many struggle with. Further, her patients’ healthy choices, such as eating locally and organically, would have a ripple effect on their families, their communities and even globally. This possibility of creating global change, patient by patient, became the central justification for her work. She graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor with a certificate in Midwifery in 2007.

Dr. Martin cultivates an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance with her patients, allowing them to become comfortable enough to share their stories. “Listening to people’s stories is my favorite thing about being a naturopath. I’m so honored that people allow me to hold their stories. It doesn’t feel like work.”

Being a mother helps Dr. Martin appreciates the challenges her patients face in incorporating healthy habits into their lives.

“It’s so hard for them to find time, or to help the rest of the family adapt to changes required by one member. I meet them where they’re at, help them recognize their choices and let them make changes as they’re ready. We’re all human, and there’s nothing bigger than the work that they’re doing as parents.”

She is also aware that different patients may need different solutions. “That’s how I look at life and at medicine,” she says. “Nothing’s impossible, we just need to figure it out. There’s always a solution, although it may not be the one we first think of; we can’t be closed to other possibilities. In that sense, life is a big adventure.”

Dr. Martin loves having a multigenerational family practice, like an old-fashioned country doctor. “I love accompanying families through generations, from pediatrics to geriatrics.” No matter their age, Dr. Martin loves watching people realize that they can live their best lives, and she serves as a constant listening ear to help them discover their best selves.

To schedule an appointment with Dr Martin, call 503.281.0030