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Does acupuncture help ankle pain?

Yes!  Acupuncture reduces ankle pain by promoting blood circulation to the lower leg and foot to promote healing of the tissues. Local points help reduce inflammation in the joint and invigorate repair by rejuvenating the muscles, ligaments and tendons with fresh oxygenated blood flooding the area in pain.
How many treatments does it take?
The short answer is it depends for each person. Is this an acute ankle sprain or has this ankle pain been around for more than 1 year? Acupuncturists at Willow Tree Clinic are able to evaluate your particular condition to give you an appropriate treatment plan that includes the duration and frequency of treatments.

Acupuncture for Acute Ankle Pain

In the case of acute ankle pain, this is usually a sprain. If there is a lot of swelling and redness on the ankle, then acupuncturists have to be careful not to aggravate the ankle pain. However, a skilled acupuncturist can utilize different techniques that don’t involve inserting needles directly into the area of pain.  These techniques likely will bring down the swelling and increase mobility after one treatment.

Helps Chronic Ankle Pain Too!

Chronic pain could be the result of a fracture that happened over a year ago and that continues to cause pain, especially on cold and wet mornings.   If there is little or no bruising, and better mobility compared with an acute sprain we will use techniques that strongly promote blood flow to the area, reduce pain, and improve mobility.
Kristie’s Personal Story
I have treated ankle sprains on others before, but Spring of 2022 was the first time I treated myself!  I stepped into a small hole that was about 5 inches deep and fell as my ankle rolled outward, which is typical of the more common ankle sprain. I gave myself acupuncture and rubbed Chinese herbal oils on my ankle.  I never developed any bruising, and in one week I was back on my feet and working in the clinic again.  It was great to see acupuncture work not just for my patients, but for me, too!

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