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Getting started at Willow Tree Acupuncture and Wellness is simple. Here’s the process:

  1. INITIAL CONSULTATION Lots of acupuncture clinics want you to come in and get needles right away. Because we take a more comprehensive approach, it’s important that we first meet to determine the best plan for you. The initial consultation is a 15-minute consult in person. The $49 reservation fee covers your consultation and will be applied to your treatment care plan if our services are a good fit for you. This consult is no risk. No pressure. No strings attached.
  2. PERSONALIZED CARE PLAN No two people ever need the exact same care. That’s why we tailor a treatment care plan to perfectly match your preferences and health goals. Care plans include acupuncture sessions as well as consultations to support you with nutrition, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies (if indicated). This is truly comprehensive and integrative healthcare that goes beyond what you have likely experienced anywhere else.
  3. START FEELING BETTER Many people report feeling better after a single acupuncture session. That’s amazing, but the hard truth is that most situations require repeat sessions as well as support through nutrition, herbs, or lifestyle between visits. Our approach dives deep to support your body in healing naturally—so your results will last.
Initial Consultation

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