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We all strive to get our nutrients from wholesome food but we can all use a little extra boost of nutrients to feel our best. Shop professional brands backed by research at a discount. We want to pass on the savings on to you. To your health!

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Top Quality Products with the Best Results

When you feel your best, you will keep up your healthy habits and enjoy your adventures with loved ones ! We are so lucky to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest – mountains, ocean and desert are just a short drive away. Not to mention all the amazing hikes, biking and rivers to explore right here outside your doorstep in Portland!  Let’s keep you in the best form to enjoy all of it!

At Willow Tree Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic, our goal is to keep your family healthy with preventive medicine for general wellness that supports your body’s natural healing abilities. 

We treat families of all ages, using nutritional supplements, healthy lifestyle coaching, stress management and of course, acupuncture and herbs to tackle physical and emotional ailments. Eastern medicine is exceptional at general wellness and preventive health to get you back on the road to excellent health before you miss a beat! 

We have partnered with Fullscript to offer high quality vitamins and supplements from select professional brands that back up their efficacy claims with evidence based research. When buying direct, we are able to offer lower prices for top quality products that have gotten us the best results. 

The entire catalog is available for you to purchase your favorites at a discount but check out our supplement protocols for what we have recommended specifically for you at your last treatment with Dr Kiné. You can add or delete any supplement to the list and simply place your order.  

Your order will be mailed directly to you! 

No more extra trips to the store or worrying about running out, so easy!

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East Asian (aka Chinese Medicine) excels in preventive medicine by offering solutions to the root cause of your symptoms. East Asian Medicine emphasizes holistic treatment of your physical AND emotional self.

Regularly scheduled acupuncture treatments brings your body back to its naturally balanced healthy state of homeostasis before illness strikes.

For general well-being, once a month or change of season “tune ups” are recommended as a preventive measure.
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Partner with Willow Tree Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic and experience our Concierge Healthcare for General Wellness to alleviate:

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