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Many people first think of acupuncture for pain relief. Whether it is associated with car accidents, sports injuries or internal disorders from your digestive, reproductive or respiratory systems, acupuncture helps you get out of pain quickly. Chiropractors, primary care physicians and surgeons routinely refer patients to combine our care with their their treatment plans to speed recovery.

Acupuncture is one treatment modality in a system of medicine known as Oriental Medicine or the term we prefer, East Asian Medicine. The process involves placing fine hair-like filaments at specific points on the body to move vital energy, or Qi, that flows throughout a person’s body in specific patterns. When this flow is blocked or disrupted, illness and dysfunction results. The treatment is designed to promote and restore the balance of energy.

From its inception in China more than 3,000 years ago, east asian medicine has been used traditionally to prevent, diagnose and treat disease, as well as to improve general health. The World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health recognize it as an effective treatment for many health conditions.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Acupuncture directly benefits a person’s bodily health by increasing blood flow with nutrient rich blood which increases blood circulation, reduces swelling, releases endorphins, and stimulates the limbic system. As a result, a wide variety of conditions are treated, from emotional disorders (anxiety, depression) to digestive complaints (nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome).

How long do the benefits of acupuncture last?

A single acupuncture treatment can last for a few days to a week but the transformational resolution of conditions requires a series of treatment to achieve lasting results. Acupuncture initiates your body to focus on building new neural pathways to improve function and resolve pain, 

Dr. Kiné Fischler is Portland's fertility acupuncture specialist.

Dr Kiné’s practice focus is on gynecological health and reproductive medicine to address physical along with emotional well being. Her treatments are also beneficial for pain syndromes due to an injury or associated with chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis. Respiratory conditions, including sinusitis and asthma have been relieved with acupuncture, as have many gynecologic disorders and infertility and it also helps reduce fatigue and stress, great for promoting overall well-being.

Most people find treatment to be very relaxing, even blissful!

Experience expert acupuncture for fertility and more in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Kiné offers a variety of acupuncture options.

Fertility acupuncture provides holistic, individualized treatments to help you overcome your fertility challenges naturally.

Acupuncture for general wellness can do everything from relieving pain to bringing a general sense of well being during times of stress and anxiety.

Acupuncture for pain relief supports the body to return to its natural balanced state of proper function with no pain in a short time.

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