A membership program for optimal health

Willow Tree Optimal Health Program

Support your body’s innate healing abilities and supports your seasonal health & wellbeing.

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Whether you are seeking to enhance your overall health naturally or maintain the results our your regular care, our Optimal Health Program offers a holistic, comprehensive approach to keeping your body and mind in balance.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Our integrative, root-case approach uses acupuncture, nutrition recommendations, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies to boost your immune system, balance your digestive health, reduce stress and anxiety, boost your energy and metabolism levels and help you feel your best through all seasons of life.
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Meet Dr. Kiné

Dr. Kiné Fischler DACM has 16 years of clinical experience treating all types of health issues, including complicated and layered cases naturally with acupuncture and customized herbal medicine formulations. She also guides patients to incorporate personalized diet, exercise and mindfulness strategies to feel and look their best. 

Common symptoms we address:

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