Herbal Medicine

A person presenting a bottle of "cool the flames" supplements for fertility from willow tree wellness in Portland, Oregon.

Custom Granule herbal medicine

As part of our commitment to offering unique and integrative solutions for each individual patient, we specialize in custom granule herbal formulas for your specific constitution and health concerns. Chinese herbal medicine consists of using roots, branches, leaves and minerals for their medicinal properties in their natural state rather than the synthetic version created in a lab, or using pharmaceuticals to mask symptoms.
Herbs provide active healing properties versus the pharmaceutical approach of isolating only the active ingredient of the plant, which subtracts the other parts that work to reduce side effects. Research has shows promising results for conditions raging from skin, to hormonal, to cancer-recovery.
Herbs used in our clinic are tested and prepared in therapeutic doses with pharmaceutical precision. They are more effective than herbs or supplements that are not prescribed by a licensed herbalist.

Chinese herbal formulas prescribed by one of our licensed practitioners offer a sophisticated, individualized medicine.

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