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Internal Medicine

An Integrative Approach to Internal Medicine

Patients often seek herbal medicine as an alternative to medication, and we have had successful results with many common as well as unusual ailments. We use products that are only available to healthcare professionals and have been tested above and beyond FDA standards. Safety and efficacy are our top priority for our patients.
For treatment of chronic illness of unknown origins, where all lab tests are normal and a clear diagnosis cannot be made, traditional Chinese medicine is distinctly superior. Chinese medicine offers a sophisticated approach by addressing the root cause of a medical issue while effectively treating the symptoms.
Internal Medicine

Patients are relieved to hear that Chinese Medical practitioners view seemingly unrelated symptoms as indicators pointing to a diagnosis that encompasses their connections. Herbal formulas and acupuncture are also excellent for Internal Medicine as primary or adjunct therapies to Western (allopathic) medicine and are safe to use along with pharmaceutical medication.

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Dr. Kiné Fischler

DACM, Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Kiné Fischler DACM is a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM). She has 16 years of clinical experience treating fertility challenges naturally with acupuncture and customized fertility herbal medicine formulations. She is also trained in the most effective Assisted Reproductive Technology protocols and how best to integrate acupuncture to improve the success of IUI and IVF by 65%.

how we can help

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How it Works

Getting started at Willow Tree Acupuncture and Wellness is simple.
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Step 1: Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will include a thorough review of your medical history and an evaluation of your menstrual cycle and fertility to better understand your unique symptoms and challenges.


Step 2: Personalized Care Plan

Every individual comes with their own preferences and health goals which is why we tailor your care plan unique to you. Our care plans go beyond acupuncture to include nutrition recommendations, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies (if needed) to address your symptoms and the cause of your fertility issues.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for staying Calm

Step 3: Ongoing Support

Our comprehensive care helps you optimize your health, wellness, and fertility through every stage. Once you have a positive pregnancy test, we want to ensure you feel your best throughout pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

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