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Acupuncture Consultation

Step 1: Initial Consultation

You’ll start your journey with a 15-minute in-person consultation. During this time, we’ll review your medical history, symptoms you’re facing, and learn more about you.

The $50 reservation fee will be applied to your treatment care plan if our services are a good fit for you.

This consult is no pressure. No risk. No strings attached.

Step 2: Personalized Care Plan

Every individual comes with their own preferences and health goals which is why we tailor your care plan uniquely to you. Our care plans include acupuncture sessions, nutrition recommendations, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies (if needed).

Our comprehensive and integrative approach goes beyond what you may have experienced in traditional healthcare.

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Step 3: Start feeling better

Many people report feeling better after a single acupuncture session. However, most require repeat sessions and support through nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle shifts.

Our approach dives deep to support your body’s natural ability to heal for lasting results.

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