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Portland Women's Health Acupuncture and Herbs

Willow Tree Wellness Clinic is a Portland Acupuncture Clinic specializing in holistic family health and wellness

We help you feel your absolute best at any age!

Holistic Health Care Solutions

Willow Tree Wellness Clinic provides acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, herbal remedies, nutritional advice and massage, all in a relaxed setting that feels like home.


We are honored to be a trusted resource for Portland doctors, midwives, naturopaths, doulas, and chiropractors who are looking for safe, effective acupuncture care.
Our specialty is treating women’s hormonal health, fertility and
pregnancy care with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.


By blending the best of each medicine, as a team we
create a truly holistic approach to women’s health care.

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Family Wellness

We treat families of all ages to keep them healthy by addressing a number of common health concerns.


Women's Health

Clinical expertise bridging Eastern with conventional medicine to offer a truly integrative approach to your optimal health.



We offer holistic individualized treatments to address fertility challenges or resolve infertility.



Relief from accidents, shorten surgery recovery time and treat chronic pain conditions.



The gentle process of placing fine hair-like filaments at specific points on the body to induce your innate healing mechanisms.


Herbal Medicine

We specialize in custom granule herbal formulas for your specific constitution and health concerns.

Curious how acupuncture can help YOU?

Call today to schedule your Initial Consultation to discuss your specific concerns and questions.

About Willow Tree Wellness Clinic

Willow Tree Wellness Clinic is a Portland acupuncture practice with a mission to provide your family with safe natural solutions , supporting your choices, your well being, and your overall health; YOU are in charge of your health and well-being!

  • Ready to relieve your pain without medication?
  • Tired of the roller coaster of hormonal imbalances?
  • Confused by why it has been so hard to get pregnant?
  • Looking for better sleep and less stress or anxiety?

We offer gentle and effective individualized medicine centered around your health goals with straight forward, clear treatment plans and progress milestones explained upfront.

Our acupuncture practitioners are also experts in pain relief for acute and chronic issues, sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents.


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Client Love & Testimonials:


I've seen Kiné for many years now, and refuse to see anyone else for acupuncture, chinese diagnosis, and herbs. Kiné is a rare blend of incredible brilliance and deep compassion. She works endlessly at improving herself and her abilities as a practitioner. I'm constantly referring people to her!!!


Internal Medicine Patient

I came across Willow Tree Wellness and Kiné through searching for an acupuncturist that specialized in fertility. I had been seeing her for about 6 months before I got pregnant (we had been trying for a year) and I attribute getting pregnant a lot to Kiné.
Once I did get pregnant she helped answer so many questions and I also attribute a fairly easy pregnancy to her acupuncture. I have sent a lot of my friends to her and look forward to my appointment. Our baby boy is due in September and I plan on bringing him to see her as well!


Fertility Acupuncture Patient


I've been seeing Allie for the last 2 months of my pregnancy for acupuncture. She takes the time to listen to what's going on and help alleviate some of the many third trimester discomforts I've been experiencing. I'm grateful for her care and attention.


Pregnancy Acupuncture Patient

I am forever grateful to Hilary! I began getting acupuncture treatments when trying to get pregnant. The journey to conceive had been challenging. Hilary's calm and caring demeanor made it easy to build a relationship. She went above and beyond with thoughtful incorporation of supporting herbs and diet considerations, customizing a program that targeted my needs.


Fertility Acupuncture Patient

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