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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is often the last resort with the best results.

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Kiné Fischler

Kiné Fischler, Lac FABORM is a Chinese Medicine practitioner with board certification in reproductive medicine as a specialist in women’s health and fertility acupuncture.

Your treatment plan should be customized to your body’s specific needs for the best response to care.

Your emotional self is equally important and connected to your physical health.

You deserve expert healthcare delivered with integrity, honesty, and love.

Choose Willow Tree Acupuncture and Wellness because you want effective natural health care and...

  • You want to leave your appointment feeling relaxed and grounded
  • You want to experience less stress and anxiety in your life
  • You want to work with a women's health and fertility acupuncture specialist
  • You want healthcare with a clear treatment plan and action steps to take on your own
  • You want healthcare that recognizes the mind-body connection

What our patients are saying:


I've seen Kiné for many years now, and refuse to see anyone else for acupuncture, chinese diagnosis, and herbs. Kiné is a rare blend of incredible brilliance and deep compassion. She works endlessly at improving herself and her abilities as a practitioner. I'm constantly referring people to her!!!


Internal Medicine Patient

I came across Willow Tree Wellness and Kiné through searching for an acupuncturist that specialized in fertility. I had been seeing her for about 6 months before I got pregnant (we had been trying for a year) and I attribute getting pregnant a lot to Kiné.
Once I did get pregnant she helped answer so many questions and I also attribute a fairly easy pregnancy to her acupuncture. I have sent a lot of my friends to her and look forward to my appointment. Our baby boy is due in September and I plan on bringing him to see her as well!


Fertility Acupuncture Patient


I've been seeing Kiné for the last 2 months of my pregnancy for acupuncture. She takes the time to listen to what's going on and help alleviate some of the many third trimester discomforts I've been experiencing. I'm grateful for her care and attention.


Pregnancy Acupuncture Patient

I am forever grateful to Kiné! I began getting acupuncture treatments when trying to get pregnant. The journey to conceive had been challenging. She went above and beyond with thoughtful incorporation of supporting herbs and diet considerations, customizing a program that targeted my needs.


Fertility Acupuncture Patient